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is located in beautiful Taos New Mexico. Full coffee bar, teas,  Cafe--Healthy brunch all day - (see Menu) 

Art gallery, gift shop, book store, Zen water gardens - fountains - Koi. Computer Solutions store,

Cyber Cafe Hotspot - printing - copying -  

Best in Taos -- award winner!



About Wired?

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 Affiliate programs save you money! 

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Affiliate programs save you money.  




Level One

Your company may participate as an Affiliate Partner (very simply an inexpensively) by creating business cards that mention the Partnership with Wired for Wired customers to come to your place of business (or coupons that give an incentive, or a discount, this is negotiable point that depends on the service or product each company offers) .  Your company's coupons will be given to Wired customers every time they come to Wired.  In return your company will reward your valuable customers with Wired discount coupons as a reward for shopping at your company.  Customers who may never come to your company will get coupons and incentives at Wired to come to your store.  Customers that may never come to Wired get incentives at your company to visit Wired.  

This level of participation is almost without cost.  No commitment required.  It is a Very Easy entry Level.

Level Two    

Affiliate partners may (as mutually negotiated) create directional signage to your company at Wired (or other affiliates). Once again, see the signage at Wired as an example. ( Reciprocal. Signage is optional  ie Wired signage at your place of business.)  Signage is very cheap ranging from relatively nothing for internet and email signage to 25 - 35 dollars for hard surface signage this is an area that is totally depending on the level of signage negotiated or requested.


Level three     

Affiliate partners (as mutually negotiated) develop a merchandise exchange.  This level can be as small or large as company's can mutually agree to.  In addition items at your store can be added to our shopping cart.  With this method your company can increase the market exposure that your company and its products currently enjoy by a margin of 10-50%  according to current affiliate marketing research.


Level 4       

Affiliate partners may negotiate a joint advertisement campaign.   News paper ads and articles and the radio ads. 

This is an advanced level of participation and is not required .  This Level requires careful and extensive negotiations.  This is an Very advanced level. However, the  possibilities of this level is very exciting. 

example: Large full page news paper Affiliate company ads and a larger presents via radio that are jointly funded between 5 -10-15 company's or more.  All under a Affiliate partnership concept.  This is a Quantum leap in thinking. Company's working together to increase every ones sales and customer allegiance.


Taos Spa and Tennis club

Petree Nursery  

 theOneStone premier flagstone and landscaping

Woodall Fine Art


Tina's De Taos

Chocolate Maven Bakery and cafe Santa Fe

Rex Estell

Sonja's Skin Care

Taos Wrappers


filiate Partnership


What is our Affiliate Program?

It all started with the WIRED? website (www.wiredcoffeeshop.com) and our online affiliate links with national retailers like Smith and Hawken, Proflowers, Barnes and Noble, Macy's and many other popular stores. Visitors to the WIRED? website can directly link to numerous retail websites and receive discounts, shopping incentives and special offers for merchandise purchased through the link.

Then we at WIRED? decided, why not affiliate with our local companion businesses right here in Taos? So the first local affiliation was born the Nursery Center, including stocking some of their merchandise in the retail section of the WIRED? cafe and offering discount cards for customers to use at the affiliate stores. Our affiliate companys  in turn, provide discount cards for their customers to redeem at WIRED?,

The collaboration is working well for both WIRED? &  our affiliates, increasing traffic, sales, and new customers to both of our businesses.  So we want to offer the same arrangement to you, too! The concept is exciting and innovative, and provides the opportunity to strengthen sales and customers for all of us. In this time of amazingly high gas prices and costs for just about everything, why not work with each other to help keep all of us busy and thriving!

How can we work together? A few initial ideas are:

Discount cards to give to our customers to use at your place of business and vice versa at Wired.

  1. Brochure swap with information and map

  2. Signage about your business

  3. Shared advertising  (?)

To start, we'd like to invite you to email us so we  can meet and visit our businesses and sample some of our great products.  Let's set up a meeting to discuss ways we can work together to increase business for all of us!

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to working with you!

David and Cindy @Wired 575-751-WIRED 

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